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I am so excited about these little nooks to come to Target.

This will be such a unique experience to encounter, especially after watching the little clips from all of the different stores.

What an innovative idea, truly unique and wonderful! :)

(Source: target.com)

Permalink Found these in the freezer section…. taste homemade..if you closed your eyes and I told you I worked all day in the kitchen peeling apples and making this yummy dish you wouldn’t even doubt me. :)
Permalink I love this drawing. 
1. Because I have never really talked about my parents let alone their hobbies with my students.
2. Being able to see the stages of development in writing and drawing.
3. This student actually nailed it on the head, My Dad loves golf. :)

Spelling Words

Why are some words so hard to spell.

Over the past hour I have continued to struggle with spelling the following

crutial ………crucial¬†

there are so many crazy words in our language. I think so often of how much we take it for granite.- (this one always gets me too!) I know I don’t mean the rock.

It often takes a while for my brain to think of the spelling of a word we type differently than what we usually say. -aka slang.

So when I am saying “we take a lot of things for granite” my brain is frantically scavenging for the right spelling.

granted v.s granite

. weird right? 

Permalink My lovely sprinkled doughnut :) Great project idea!
Permalink The Oscar’s! Very much enjoying :)
*I wish Tim Gunn would write a book on how to use rich vocabulary in everyday life. Love to hear him speak! Excited to see tonight’s winners! Always great to see my favorite actor’s and actresses. 
*I always feel like this is one time Hollywood becomes modest to a point and is gracious for their awards.
Permalink I’m ready for spring.
I found my spring books for my kids the other day and am very ready now for it to come. I’m trying to be creative this year and think of ways to get the community more involved in a project with our school. One of my favorite books is Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. It’s a beautiful book that takes you through the process of planting a garden. Letting you know that some flowers have to be planted in the fall ( bulbs) and others you can buy at a garden center and watch them grow over the summer.
I think it would be wonderful if we could build a little garden area where the children could take responsibility for planting and maintaing plants and flowers. It would be a place where we would gather supplies from local areas and then give back in what grows in our garden. So really a three fold idea. 1. Garden 2. Community 3. Self sustaining/ use what we grow.
It definitely needs more thought but in the meantime I am ready for spring to come. :)